Meditation on fleeting feasting vs. Satisfaction in the Lord. @PaulTripp A Shelter in the Time of Storm #thankful
- Thursday Nov 27 - 7:30pm

- Wednesday Nov 26 - 10:30pm

@christine_larr what are you thankful for?
- Tuesday Nov 25 - 9:16pm

RT: What are you thankful for? The Lord's creativity manifested in his creation. #godcc14 #thankful
- Tuesday Nov 25 - 8:30pm

@oobdawg21 No hints here. But of course we're going to use @lecrae lyrics in our tweets though!
- Tuesday Nov 25 - 7:17pm

Say we won't. #worshipjesus #1000collegestudents #godcc14 34 days.
- Monday Nov 24 - 8:45pm


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