Reason #1 why Denver is AWESOME: Forbes ranked it the #5 healthiest city in America!...
- Friday Oct 2 - 12:01am

We can't wait to have the wonderful @vivmabuni at #goDCC15
- Monday Sep 28 - 9:51pm

Fill out the DCC Eval by SUNDAY at 11:59pm & be entered to win a $25 giftcard of your choice:
- Friday Jan 9 - 10:30pm

DCC PHOTOS ARE UP! Relive the best week of your life & that sick NYE light show HERE: #godcc14
- Friday Jan 9 - 9:54pm

Fill out the #godcc14 eval by Friday at 11:59p & be entered to win $25 giftcard of your choice
- Tuesday Jan 6 - 9:44pm

RT @toothandnail21: There's nothing more valuable than Christ and Him crucified. #godcc14 #staff #GPIstaffconference
- Tuesday Jan 6 - 9:43pm


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