@tee_is_me3 YES. Love those project reunions & the amazing speaker line-up- @scottnickell1 @PaulTripp @JuStringer @LIBBYSWENS @JenniCatron
- Thursday Dec 18 - 8:09pm

RT @tee_is_me3: Most days I get more excited for @Go2DCC than I do for Christmas #godcc14 - YES.
- Thursday Dec 18 - 6:44pm

@tee_is_me3 It's true. There'e nothing like DCCeason for us too. What are you most excited for?
- Thursday Dec 18 - 6:43pm

Only 10 Days! Fun fact: December was once the 10th month on the Roman calendar! #crazy #godcc14
- Thursday Dec 18 - 5:15pm

RT @CruAbroad: Don't just study abroad. Study abroad ON mission with Cru! #greatcommission
- Thursday Dec 18 - 5:05pm

You have got to see this - "A Social Network Christmas" @ignitermedia
- Thursday Dec 18 - 3:40pm


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